Charles Hamilton recently made a blog post in which he claimed that J. Cole and himself are the two greatest rappers of the 21st century. Read his complete announcement below:

“So I am announcing my exit from All City Chess Club. I’ll work with J. Cole, because me and him are the 2 greatest rappers in the 21st Century. Lupe, you wanna do a track, you holla at me via Facebook or sumn. I’m sure Dino Rhymestyle got it for you Ash is cool, BoB and I worked together, Diggy has stage presence, but Wale hasn’t addressed his beef with me to me yet, and Blu did some sucka ass sh1t on the phone just now when I tried to address him being cool and in the same group.

Hence the lack of collabos now. I’ll work with devoted musicians, young and young at heart. Not egomaniacs and crybabies. And I have to WANT to work with you.

This is Equilibrium Overstudies, I am Professor Francis, and CHU is still looking for students.

You don’t have to be a musician to study your equilibrium as you study who studies your equilibrium.”

~~Charles Hamilton~~

Spotted at All City Chess Club