J. Cole is in New York most of the time,” 9th Wonder explained to SOHH. “I don’t be there. I live here [in North Carolina] But he’s moving and doing his thing so it’s kind of hard for us to get together. It’s kinda hard when it comes to scheduling and it’s not a situation of us not wanting to work together, I think it’s more of a situation of he’s there while I’m here. I don’t think it’s a situation at all of us not wanting to work together, that’s crazy. You’re dealing with two entities with him over there doing his thing. He’s moving and doing well and he’s one of the most gifted emcees that’s out right now in the game and it’s more of a situation dealing with scheduling. It’s not a matter of me not wanting to get up, that’s something else. That’s not the case at all. There’s a lot of artists I want to hear myself with. But you know, you have managers involved, everybody wants to be an A&R, but sometimes they gotta let the artists come in there and do their work. And that’d be it.”