J. Cole
J. Cole reflects on how he remembers growing up listening to Michael Jackson.
“When I think of Michael Jackson and the impact he’s had on my life, I’ve got a few memories stuck in my head. The first one that comes to mind is the Bad tape. I remember growing up there were only a select few artists that I idolized, and Michael Jackson was definitely at the top of that list. I just remember the white Bad cassette tape that I played every day of my life. Specifically loving songs like “Dirty Diana” and “Man in the Mirror” – these are songs that I was in love with as a kid, and really defined my childhood.

I’ll never forget, the day that the Dangerous album came out. I don’t remember how old I was, I must have been around 7 years old or something crazy like that, but I remember the day that album was released like it was yesterday. My mom knew how big of a fan I was, and how bad I wanted that album. She surprised me that day by picking me up from school. I didn’t take the bus that day because she was there at school waiting on me. We went to Paradise, the little local record store we had, and she bought the Dangerous album for me. I unwrapped the cd before I even got home, I went home threw it in my CD player and just played it for probably like a month straight. Just little things like that as far spring to mind, I was really obsessed with Michael Jackson when I was younger.”